Trenton Roof Tarp

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Trenton roof tarp can be something that needs to be done in order to give you or the roofing contractor more time to replace the roof.

A leaking roof is never a good thing. On top of that we never plan on it.

Yet it needs to be address right away in order to save our biggest investment, our home.

But replacing a roof is a massive investment and sometime we are not ready financially to replace it right away.

So tarping a roof is a temporary measure that can be done and give you a bit of time to figure out your finances.

You should be able to get 1 year depending on your environment.

These are not long lasting in windy condition. And if very sunny they will dry and break easily.

Again this is temporary measure and the asphalt shingle roof needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

We do partial tarping as a roofing company as sometime our client list is long and we can't get to you right away. Normally we'll use shingle to fix it temporary but if the roof is in bad condition or we can't see the origin of the leak we'll just tarp it.

Tarping is an easy process.

First we install the tarp over the area. and the we use 1x3 or 1x4 and lay them vertical as much as possible and screw them in place. We also leave the bottom open.

The idea is to guide the water down and let it escape.

If we were to put the strapping horizontal then water would pool and could infiltrate in the screw hole. Something we don't want.

Same reason why we leave the bottom open. If there is a leak then the water would go on the shingle and run down the roof without any obstacles.
Trenton Roof Tarping
This Trenton roof tarp was done as the cabin had a leak and the asphalt roof was due to be replace. The clients didn't know what they were gonna do for renovation yet.

The wanted to add a second story but weren't sure yet. So replacing the roof might of been an unnecessary expense.

Tarping the roof gives them time to figure things out.

The idea of the strapping it to put as much as possible and we don't want then tarp to balloon if it's windy.

That's why there are long pieces and one at the top horizontal. In order to keep the tarp from ballooning.

We also tarped the whole roof here as we didn't know the origin of the leak and also as we wanted to protect the whole roof as no one lives in the building. So if a new leak were to present itself it would go unnoticed.

We had to use a few tarp. starting from the bottom we ensure that the tarp overlap each other the allow the water to go down.
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I hope this article help you understanding the need or a Trenton roof tarp and if you need to do one you'll know what needs to be done.