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Trenton Exterior Renovation will protect your biggest investment and give you the curb appeal that you are looking for.


Quinte West, Ontario

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Trenton exterior renovation will protect your home for years to come. Many parts form a long-lasting protection for your home and you need to ensure water is not getting inside your home.

We take pride in ensuring that your home is protected to the highest level. Even starting inside work we’ll ensure that your exterior is able to support it.

Last thing we want is water getting inside, from there moisture and rott will take over and ruin the inside your health will be at risk.

Trenton Exterior Renovation That We Offer

Trenton exterior is complex. At Comfort Property we can provide with the best advice and solution to protect your home. Many products are out there but installed wrong and you are back to square one.

We have a good experience in many type of exterior products and want to help you with your home.

Windows and door

We can change windows and doors to update your home or just replace a broken one.

Trenton Exterior Window


Seamless eavesthrough are the way to go. Clean look with no seams that can leaks. Catch the water and direct it away from the house.

Trenton Exterior

Facia and Soffit

The Trenton exterior fascia and soffit needs to be perfect in order to enable that curb appeal.

Trenton Exterior Fascia


Many types of siding are available. You desert the best products out there. From the home warp, strapping and siding we can help you navigate through it all.

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Start your projects on the right track and contact us to discuss your projects.

Trenton Exterior

We focus on renovation projects. Existing home that have outdated or broken siding can benefit from our help. Contact us and discuss your problem and we’ll be sure to give you a solution with a concrete plan.
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New Installation

New home need ptotection. Call us to finish your new home project.

Older Home

We have removed and re-installed siding on many homes. We also ensure that the best practice are followed so it last a lomng time.

Exterior Repairs

Sometime repairs are needed. If you don't know where to start call us and we'll be happy to help.