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Our Trenton interior renovation are something we are very proud of at Comfort Property. After many successful renovations completed, we have honed our systems and are able to provide our clients a product that they can enjoy for years to come.

Trenton Interior Renovations That We Offer

At Comfort Property we are able to provide a vast range of products to our clients. We always put our clients first and keep the clients up to date with the job progress. Interior renovation can be complex and we want to take the stress off your shoulder.


You can bring the value of your home by renovating this single room. We walk you through every steps so you get the kitchen of your dream.


The bathroom is a room that you don't want to neglect. From a small bathroom to a walk-in shower we can support you.


As part of the Trenton interior renovation we also do basement from start to finish, from tear down to remodel or an appartement also.

stairs in hallway


Most home are build with drywall in Trenton. We can install tape and mud any room or home.

Basement floor install


Interior renovation also include painting and we can take care of that for you. Refresh a room with a coat of paint.

Trenton Floor


Things break and we understand. We are able to fix almost anything in your home so you can enjoy it again.

mudding a wall in basement

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Trenton Interior Renovation

With the experience at Comfort Property we can help and guide you through the process of most renovation projects

Moving In

Before moving in your new home it is a good time to perform the renovation or work needed.

Selling Your Home

Get the most money you can by doing some work to your home before selling. A kitchen renovation will up the value of the home.

Additional Income

Add an appartement to your existing home in order to bring some additional cash.